All You Need to Know About Bri Winkler

How often do we stare at the TV while watching the news without actually hearing what the reporters have to say? Well, if you’re following ABC 7, it might be more often than you’d think. The reason for this obsession is certainly their hot reporter, Bri Winkler. In the following text, we’ll talk you through her life, career, and all the juicy stuff a fan might want to know.

Weather Forecaster: Bri Winkler

Before we go into more interesting stuff, it’s key to talk about some basic details such as date of birth, where she’s from, and so on. So, let’s jump straight into it, shall we? Miss Winkler is from Massachusetts, and she’s in her early 30s. Moreover, she was born in 1988, on the 25th of October. That makes her almost 33.


Most of us know her as a journalist for the NBC Network. Her weather forecast is something lots of people look forward to watching, even if she’s about to announce the worst storm or hurricane for the next day. That’s just how lovely of a presence Bri is. You can’t help but wait for her face to appear on your TV screen.

Some sources suggest that she’s worth over half a million dollars with an annual salary of around $120,000. But we’re not going to speculate about that because money’s not what we’re after, right? What we know is that Bri has a sister, Tara, and she’s American through and through. She went to Miami University, where she got her diploma in Marine and Atmospheric Science.

Her Path to ABC 7

Although some would fantasize about her having a unique, cool path to fame, we have to disappoint you. She has a regular story, just like most other celebrities we keep thinking about when we’re alone. Namely, her journalist career began soon after her graduation. Bri got the job at the KMAR-TV in Amarillo, Texas. This station is a close ally of NBC, where she would soon find her new home.


Back in the day, Bri would host the “Today in Amarillo” TV show. This opportunity gave her a chance to expose herself to a wider audience in Texas. It also established her net worth. After a few years at KMAR-TV, she would join ABC 7 in 2011. There, she would also do weather reports and appear on the “Eyewitness News” show and ABC 7 radio.

Her co-stars were news reporters Michelle Charlesworth and Rob Nelson while doing “Good Morning America.” This work was what set her apart from other news anchors, allowing us to see her in her full beauty. Still, her early fame didn’t stop Bri from going back to University to finish her MA degree. As we’ve said, Environmental Science is her thing.

A Stroke Survivor

During all these years, Winkler has managed to keep a pretty low profile when it comes to her private life. There’s a ton of speculation about whom she might be dating, but we can’t confirm any of those claims. All we know is that other journos believe that she’s engaged to an unknown man. And we know what you’re thinking. What a lucky fella he must be, right?


But besides living in Santa Barbara, California, and being in a relationship, we know something else that’s interesting. Bri is a survivor and a fighter. She had two strokes between 2012 and 2014. Winkler would openly talk about her health problems on “Eyewitness News.” The idea wasn’t to brag or anything else. It was to raise awareness of coronary diseases.


Our favorite weather woman is now a member of the “Western States Stroke Task Force.” At one point, she became a brand ambassador for the “American Stroke Association.” All in all, it’s safe to say that she’s more than just a beautiful woman. She is socially loud about health issues that plague this country, and she’s willing to raise awareness.

What Makes Her Hot

Although most of you know what she looks like, it won’t hurt if we go into some additional details about her physique. Firstly, she has a stunning face. The likes you’d see on a movie star from the Golden Age of Hollywood. But besides that, Winkler has light-brown hair these days and a pair of gorgeous green eyes.


When it comes to her height, she stands at 5 feet 5 inches. For all you European fans, that’s about 1.73 m. Hence, you can say she has a pretty average height for a woman, which is also what makes her so hot. But that’s not all. Her figure is impeccable, with the hourglass shape of everyone’s dreams.


We can’t, unfortunately, talk about her weight as we don’t know anything about it. All you can say is that she doesn’t lack or have any more than she needs, if you get what we mean. Some pervs on the net suggest that her vital stats are 35-24-35, but we won’t get into that. What makes us drop our jaws when we see Bri is her pleasant and down-to-earth presence while she’s talking on the TV.

Is She Single?

We’ve already said that Bri keeps her private life quiet and away from the public eye. But that’s what makes it so interesting to so many people. It gives us a chance to speculate and fantasize about her in all sorts of ways. And the fact that her engagement is not a certain thing makes it even better.


One thing that gives us hope is that she’s open to talk and take photos with ordinary people on the street. She’s a very friendly person, and you can find numerous examples of her hanging out with fans online. There’s no reason in the world for you not to have strong faith that you’ll meet her in person and exchange some compliments about her work. Of course, keep it polite as she, like every other woman, deserves your utmost respect.