Why you should always take a risk if you want to date a journalist

Let’s get one thing straight off the bat. Dating a journalist isn’t easy. Not because they are prima donnas or anything, but because their jobs require so much effort from them. They have deadlines, work after hours, and cancel dates and appointments within minutes of meeting others. But that’s not all. They head towards disastrous events instead of escaping them, and all this while turning their phones off. Sounds fun — doesn’t it?


However, it’s not all bad being in a relationship with a journalist. There are lots of good times to be had with them, just like with any other person of a different profession. It’s a challenging experience, but it can be more than rewarding in the end. As such, we are all for taking a risk and giving your journo partner a chance. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Allow us to explain how a relationship with a media person works in real life.

A Journalist’s Nature of Work

Before we can explain why journos are the way they are, it’s essential to describe their line of work as well as we can. Namely, a journalist’s main job is to write and edit pieces to file news stories, articles, or features. Aside from being in written form (newspaper), a journalist’s work can appear on the TV, radio outlet, or online as a video or an article.


To do any of these, journalists must first do lots of research. They go about this by communicating various sources, as much as possible, to get a better picture of the event they are trying to describe. Their main goal is objectivity. Therefore, there’s no room for personal beliefs and feelings — there are facts and facts only.


Here’s a brief list of their usual activities:

  • Reading lots of press;
  • Article research
  • Communicating with editors, other journalists, and even photographers;
  • Establishing contacts;
  • Proofreading;
  • Interviewing sources;
  • Verifying facts.

They Are Risk Takers Too

What some consider pros of dating a journalist are cons for others. And that’s okay. We all have different views and ideas in our heads. Nevertheless, it’s essential to explain the nature of most journalists, so you can have your opinion about them.


Due to their professions, all journalists are risk-takers. They would do anything to get more information about a story or event. This can, unfortunately, lead to many risks that could not only affect their safety but the safety of their loved ones (i.e., partners).


Of course, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you think about it, being prepared to take risks is more than welcome when it comes to dating. Many men and women who aren’t like that struggle and fail to keep their relationships new, fresh, and exciting.

Journalists Are Good With Conversations

One of the main pros of dating a journalist is that they are great at having conversations. Not only are they eloquent and interesting, but they also know how to make their feelings clear and easy to read for their conversational partner.


The reason we think this is crucial is that sharing and communicating are the two pillars of any healthy relationship. Without them, partners can’t count on long-term relationships, as they’ll soon drift apart from one another.


On the other hand, arguing with them might seem impossible. Not because they will avoid it — believe us, they won’t — but because they somehow pull arguments from anywhere. But that’s not a dealbreaker. It’s just a deformation professionnelle.

They Are Smart and Critical Thinkers

Anyone looking to date a journalist shouldn’t forget that part of their job is critical thinking. As such, they will question pretty much anything they come across. Some might view this as a con of dating a journalist, but it doesn’t have to be. Critical thinking isn’t a boogeyman we should hide from. It’s actually way more beneficial than you’d imagine.


Both partners can benefit from one of them thinking like that. From everyday and mundane stuff like what the best meal to order is to how you should go about taking a loan to buy your first house. Of course, to be a critical thinker, you need to be smart. Therefore, brains are simply a guarantee when you date a journo.

Journalists Are Career-Oriented People Who Value Time

Like we’ve said, there are many sacrifices you must take if you want to date a journalist. One such is time. Namely, they often work after hours, as their job isn’t your classic nine-to-five, run-of-the-mill deal. If a story breaks in the middle of the night, count yourself lucky if they don’t wake you up as they dress up to head out to the murder scene.


At any time you feel comfortable, your partner might bail on you because of their job. In many ways, it’s like they are in the Armed Forces. When they hear the call — they answer. For some, this might be too much. It’s almost like journalists never take a break. This goes even for sports journalists. When the season ends, they’re tracking potential transfers.

They Believe Nothing Except Facts

An important dating tip for anyone looking to go out with a journalist is to only speak facts. Since their whole career revolves around them, you must back up your claims, regardless of the topic. Of course, not all journalists are into the truth. We’ve all seen dozens of them who are crooked over the years. However, we don’t imagine a fine person like you would have anything to do with that breed.


To leave a good impression on them, you mustn’t avoid any topic, as they’ll see it as a major red flag. They do have many questions, some of them unnecessary, but that’s just how they function. Their entire jobs are concentrated on paying attention to all details. But that’s not bad. It means that they listen to what you have to say. Of course, they expect the same. And if you want to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship, you should listen too.