Why you should always take a risk if you want to date a journalist

Let’s get one thing straight off the bat. Dating a journalist isn’t easy. Not because they are prima donnas or anything, but because their jobs require so much effort from them. They have deadlines, work after hours, and cancel dates and appointments within minutes of meeting others. But that’s not all. They head towards disastrous events instead of escaping them, and all this while turning their phones off. Sounds fun — doesn’t it?


However, it’s not all bad being in a relationship with a journalist. There are lots of good times to be had with them, just like with any other person of a different profession. It’s a challenging experience, but it can be more than rewarding in the end. As such, we are all for taking a risk and giving your journo partner a chance. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Allow us to explain how a relationship with a media person works in real life.

A Journalist’s Nature of Work

Before we can explain why journos are the way they are, it’s essential to describe their line of work as well as we can. Namely, a journalist’s main job is to write and edit pieces to file news stories, articles, or features. Aside from being in written form (newspaper), a journalist’s work can appear on the TV, radio outlet, or online as a video or an article.


To do any of these, journalists must first do lots of research. They go about this by communicating various sources, as much as possible, to get a better picture of the event they are trying to describe. Their main goal is objectivity. Therefore, there’s no room for personal beliefs and feelings — there are facts and facts only.


Here’s a brief list of their usual activities:

  • Reading lots of press;
  • Article research
  • Communicating with editors, other journalists, and even photographers;
  • Establishing contacts;
  • Proofreading;
  • Interviewing sources;
  • Verifying facts.

They Are Risk Takers Too

What some consider pros of dating a journalist are cons for others. And that’s okay. We all have different views and ideas in our heads. Nevertheless, it’s essential to explain the nature of most journalists, so you can have your opinion about them.


Due to their professions, all journalists are risk-takers. They would do anything to get more information about a story or event. This can, unfortunately, lead to many risks that could not only affect their safety but the safety of their loved ones (i.e., partners).


Of course, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If you think about it, being prepared to take risks is more than welcome when it comes to dating. Many men and women who aren’t like that struggle and fail to keep their relationships new, fresh, and exciting.

Journalists Are Good With Conversations

One of the main pros of dating a journalist is that they are great at having conversations. Not only are they eloquent and interesting, but they also know how to make their feelings clear and easy to read for their conversational partner.


The reason we think this is crucial is that sharing and communicating are the two pillars of any healthy relationship. Without them, partners can’t count on long-term relationships, as they’ll soon drift apart from one another.


On the other hand, arguing with them might seem impossible. Not because they will avoid it — believe us, they won’t — but because they somehow pull arguments from anywhere. But that’s not a dealbreaker. It’s just a deformation professionnelle.

They Are Smart and Critical Thinkers

Anyone looking to date a journalist shouldn’t forget that part of their job is critical thinking. As such, they will question pretty much anything they come across. Some might view this as a con of dating a journalist, but it doesn’t have to be. Critical thinking isn’t a boogeyman we should hide from. It’s actually way more beneficial than you’d imagine.


Both partners can benefit from one of them thinking like that. From everyday and mundane stuff like what the best meal to order is to how you should go about taking a loan to buy your first house. Of course, to be a critical thinker, you need to be smart. Therefore, brains are simply a guarantee when you date a journo.

Journalists Are Career-Oriented People Who Value Time

Like we’ve said, there are many sacrifices you must take if you want to date a journalist. One such is time. Namely, they often work after hours, as their job isn’t your classic nine-to-five, run-of-the-mill deal. If a story breaks in the middle of the night, count yourself lucky if they don’t wake you up as they dress up to head out to the murder scene.


At any time you feel comfortable, your partner might bail on you because of their job. In many ways, it’s like they are in the Armed Forces. When they hear the call — they answer. For some, this might be too much. It’s almost like journalists never take a break. This goes even for sports journalists. When the season ends, they’re tracking potential transfers.

They Believe Nothing Except Facts

An important dating tip for anyone looking to go out with a journalist is to only speak facts. Since their whole career revolves around them, you must back up your claims, regardless of the topic. Of course, not all journalists are into the truth. We’ve all seen dozens of them who are crooked over the years. However, we don’t imagine a fine person like you would have anything to do with that breed.


To leave a good impression on them, you mustn’t avoid any topic, as they’ll see it as a major red flag. They do have many questions, some of them unnecessary, but that’s just how they function. Their entire jobs are concentrated on paying attention to all details. But that’s not bad. It means that they listen to what you have to say. Of course, they expect the same. And if you want to have a healthy and long-lasting relationship, you should listen too.

All You Need to Know About Bri Winkler

How often do we stare at the TV while watching the news without actually hearing what the reporters have to say? Well, if you’re following ABC 7, it might be more often than you’d think. The reason for this obsession is certainly their hot reporter, Bri Winkler. In the following text, we’ll talk you through her life, career, and all the juicy stuff a fan might want to know.

Weather Forecaster: Bri Winkler

Before we go into more interesting stuff, it’s key to talk about some basic details such as date of birth, where she’s from, and so on. So, let’s jump straight into it, shall we? Miss Winkler is from Massachusetts, and she’s in her early 30s. Moreover, she was born in 1988, on the 25th of October. That makes her almost 33.


Most of us know her as a journalist for the NBC Network. Her weather forecast is something lots of people look forward to watching, even if she’s about to announce the worst storm or hurricane for the next day. That’s just how lovely of a presence Bri is. You can’t help but wait for her face to appear on your TV screen.

Some sources suggest that she’s worth over half a million dollars with an annual salary of around $120,000. But we’re not going to speculate about that because money’s not what we’re after, right? What we know is that Bri has a sister, Tara, and she’s American through and through. She went to Miami University, where she got her diploma in Marine and Atmospheric Science.

Her Path to ABC 7

Although some would fantasize about her having a unique, cool path to fame, we have to disappoint you. She has a regular story, just like most other celebrities we keep thinking about when we’re alone. Namely, her journalist career began soon after her graduation. Bri got the job at the KMAR-TV in Amarillo, Texas. This station is a close ally of NBC, where she would soon find her new home.


Back in the day, Bri would host the “Today in Amarillo” TV show. This opportunity gave her a chance to expose herself to a wider audience in Texas. It also established her net worth. After a few years at KMAR-TV, she would join ABC 7 in 2011. There, she would also do weather reports and appear on the “Eyewitness News” show and ABC 7 radio.

Her co-stars were news reporters Michelle Charlesworth and Rob Nelson while doing “Good Morning America.” This work was what set her apart from other news anchors, allowing us to see her in her full beauty. Still, her early fame didn’t stop Bri from going back to University to finish her MA degree. As we’ve said, Environmental Science is her thing.

A Stroke Survivor

During all these years, Winkler has managed to keep a pretty low profile when it comes to her private life. There’s a ton of speculation about whom she might be dating, but we can’t confirm any of those claims. All we know is that other journos believe that she’s engaged to an unknown man. And we know what you’re thinking. What a lucky fella he must be, right?


But besides living in Santa Barbara, California, and being in a relationship, we know something else that’s interesting. Bri is a survivor and a fighter. She had two strokes between 2012 and 2014. Winkler would openly talk about her health problems on “Eyewitness News.” The idea wasn’t to brag or anything else. It was to raise awareness of coronary diseases.


Our favorite weather woman is now a member of the “Western States Stroke Task Force.” At one point, she became a brand ambassador for the “American Stroke Association.” All in all, it’s safe to say that she’s more than just a beautiful woman. She is socially loud about health issues that plague this country, and she’s willing to raise awareness.

What Makes Her Hot

Although most of you know what she looks like, it won’t hurt if we go into some additional details about her physique. Firstly, she has a stunning face. The likes you’d see on a movie star from the Golden Age of Hollywood. But besides that, Winkler has light-brown hair these days and a pair of gorgeous green eyes.


When it comes to her height, she stands at 5 feet 5 inches. For all you European fans, that’s about 1.73 m. Hence, you can say she has a pretty average height for a woman, which is also what makes her so hot. But that’s not all. Her figure is impeccable, with the hourglass shape of everyone’s dreams.


We can’t, unfortunately, talk about her weight as we don’t know anything about it. All you can say is that she doesn’t lack or have any more than she needs, if you get what we mean. Some pervs on the net suggest that her vital stats are 35-24-35, but we won’t get into that. What makes us drop our jaws when we see Bri is her pleasant and down-to-earth presence while she’s talking on the TV.

Is She Single?

We’ve already said that Bri keeps her private life quiet and away from the public eye. But that’s what makes it so interesting to so many people. It gives us a chance to speculate and fantasize about her in all sorts of ways. And the fact that her engagement is not a certain thing makes it even better.


One thing that gives us hope is that she’s open to talk and take photos with ordinary people on the street. She’s a very friendly person, and you can find numerous examples of her hanging out with fans online. There’s no reason in the world for you not to have strong faith that you’ll meet her in person and exchange some compliments about her work. Of course, keep it polite as she, like every other woman, deserves your utmost respect.

Who is Yanet Garcia?

THE world’s sexiest weather girl Yanet Garcia regularly gets viewers hot under the collar by displaying her warm front on Mexican television.

Here’s all you need to know about the TV presenter, who has won an army of fans on Instagram after posting selfies in barely-there bikinis and underwear.

Yanet Garcia, 26, used to work as a model before landing a job on telly, which she described as “a platform to make my dreams come true”.

She presents the weather on Mexican TV station Televisa Monterry and has become loved by viewers for her figure-hugging outfits.

Yanet shot to wider fame after TMZ and Playboy described her as a “girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast”.

She now has a huge social media following around the world and previously dated professional Call of Duty player and YouTuber Doug Censor Martin, aka FaZe Censor. Just in case you’re wondering, no! She’s not a former man used to chastity cages. She’s a real woman, the real deal!

Why do fans love Yanet Garcia?

The sexy forecaster is not afraid to show off her figure in a series of tight-fitting dresses and low-cut tops showing off her 34D chest.

Yanet now has 5 million followers on Instagram thanks to the raunchy snaps she posts of herself wearing incredibly skimpy outfits.

Recently, the internet went into meltdown after she posted a sensual selfie of her wearing a tanga thong in her bathroom.

And she thrilled fans with a video of herself frolicking in lacy undies.

Other snaps show her in a bikini and she also posts pics of herself working on her famous figure in the gym.

And recently, she posted a set of eye-catching pictures show her sunning herself while on holiday with her lucky boyfriend.

She sent her massive 4.9 million army of Instagram followers went wild with her revealing bikini snaps.

What happened between Yanet and Faze?


The 23-year-old YouTuber revealed he had split up with Garcia, 26, so he could spend more time playing Call of Duty.

He said: “I don’t have time for a girlfriend.”

He went on to say that he needed to focus on playing Call of Duty, and would be playing the next iteration in the franchise, Black Ops IV, full-time while she was “doing that job over there”.

For her part, Garcia just responded to the very public dumping with a tweet saying ‘heartbroken’ before thanking fans for support and then sharing a new picture showing off her famous rear.

She has 6.5 million followers on Instagram to his 1.3 million – but he takes the prize on YouTube with 2.6million subscribers to her 480,000.

It seems the split was relatively amicable; they both still have each other’s channels set as featured on their own pages.

Recently, the pro-gamer lost the Call of Duty League Championship, but explained that he still doesn’t want Yanet back and insisted that he has no regrets.

What else do we know about Yanet Garcia?

Last year she was forced to deny rumours that she had had bum implants, insisting that her fantastic figure was a result of eight years of hard work.

She also posted pictures of herself in the gym, showing off the exercises she says keep her body in tip top shape.

To prove that she had worked hard to get her figure she posted a snap taken eight years ago where she is barely recognisable as the amazingly upholstered presenter she is today.

She told her two million social media followers: “Eight years ago I decided to enter a gym because I was very thin and I wanted to find the best version of myself.”

She added: “It has not been easy, but it has been worth it.

“To see this photo of me before and after motivates me to carry on working hard every day.

“Effort, dedication and constancy have been some of the ingredients to obtain these results.”

She has also starred in Sharknado 5: Global Swarming, promoting the cult film on her Instagram page.

15 Smoking Hot Weather Girls That Will Bring Sunshine To Your Day

Will it rain tomorrow or the day after? It doesn’t matter; rainy days hardly stand a chance against our burning hot weather girls who will surely bring some freshness to your day whether the weather is cold or warm. You will be using cock cages whole summer because of these hot weather girls. As stunning as these weather queens are, there’s a really slim chance of hearing a word of that extra boring forecast. After all, who cares about meteorology when you can stare at the perfectly-shaped body of that smoking hot weather girl on TV? Well, it certainly seems like every man on this planet will certainly have a reason to watch the evening weather forecast, right?

Besides, some of these sexy ladies have already made a name for themselves as extremely hot weather queens. Honestly, these hot weather beauties are so attractive and stunning that there’s barely a man who would switch the channel at the sight of such gorgeousness!



Born on January 10, 1978, Jill Nicolini is the perfect example of a smart and beautiful woman who’s not only quite impressive but has a bright mind as well! Her intellect and sex appeal are undeniable and so is her place on our hot list of stunning female weather reporters! As for her professional career, Jill has been a traffic Herald on CBS 2 as well, so she’s quite aware of how things work on TV, to say the least. Additionally, this sexy lady named Jill Nicolini used to be a model too as she appeared in Playboy a few years back. Well, that’s a really good warm-up, right? All jokes aside, Jill looks amazing and we hope she’ll remain the “sun that always shines on TV.”


Here we go with another wonderful lady whose attractive personality makes men turn the TV on and watch the weather forecast. And certainly, it’s not like they care about the weather. Frankly, it’s totally the other way around. But how are you supposed to say NO to this beautiful fair-haired lady who talks so softly that you feel like your heart’s going to melt away… Gabriela Grechi is surely not only a weather queen but she’s actually a professional who can totally impress us with lots of experience in this field of knowledge. Way to go, Gabby! You’re not only pretty but quite smart as well!


Indeed, the Romanian weather is burning hot! Don’t look outside your window, turn the TV on and see what we’re talking about here! This gorgeous weather girl is probably everything you’d want to see on a chilly day. The beautiful Magda Palimariu is actually a Romanian weather bombshell who may be the reason standing behind the global warming epidemic sweeping the world. All jokes aside, Magda is a really pretty female weather reporter whose sexy appearance on TV can always put smiles on our faces. Does anyone actually listen to her weather forecasts though? Well, we think that the answer is pretty obvious…


Yanet Garcia is probably the most recognizable name and face on today’s list of smoking hot weather girls. Naturally, it’s not like she’s a less intelligent lady, but we feel as if her exotic and nicely-shaped body has something to do with all the hype surrounding her reputation. And surely, it’s hardly a bad thing. After all, who would not want to wake up to a soft voice talking about the hot weather? That’s the point. As for Yanet Garcia, she’s certainly one of the best examples of a super hot weather girl whose sex appeal can totally melt any guy’s heart away… Well, it’s not her fault for being so hot…


Meet the beautiful Angie Gonzalez who’s anything but your typical female weather reporter. It’s true that she’s a shiny example of a professional weather reporter, but she has a few amazing stories to reveal to us as well. And guess what, none of them is focused on weather forecasts. Back in 2008, Angie was actually a track cyclist as well who competed in what’s believed to be a “women’s road race”. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to finish first or even second, but still, what’s important here is that she actually showed the world her adventurous spirit that has nothing to do with her professional career as a lovely weather girl.


Oh, dear, it’s boiling hot in Miami, Florida! And you know what, it’s Ximena Cordova’s fault! This stunning lady can absolutely make you start to sweat at night. Not only is she the Instagram Queen of selfies, but Ximena is also one of the reasons so many guys wake up early in the morning to catch the local forecast. Maybe, they are just curious about the weather or maybe they just want to spend a few minutes staring at the lovely and super hot Ximena Cordova! This girl certainly deserves her place on our boiling hot list of 15 extremely hot weather girls you wish you could date! What do you think about this beauty?


This charming Brazilian lady has certainly gained lots of attention after she went through an awful wardrobe malfunction a few years back. Naturally, all of this brought up a storm of comments which totally made her name quite recognizable back then. Sugey is a really pretty woman and a weather reporter whose crazy wardrobe malfunction did not go unnoticed by local viewers. As for the charismatic Sugey, we can totally bet that she got all of her viewers a little hot under the collar thanks to her super tight pink top and sexy shorts. Nice job, Sugey! She really knows how to turn heads!



Oh, Jackie! Wouldn’t you want to watch the beautiful Jackie’s weather forecasts every single day? Saying NO would be a total lie for sure. Born in Plymouth, Michigan, the fair blonde bombshell has always had a thing for meteorology. Her interests and desires have grown so big that she has done her best to become the great forecaster she is today. Apart from her TV appearance as a weather reporter, she can also be heard on the CBS-owned radio station where she’s accountable for the periodic weather forecast updates. This weather girl is simply unstoppable!


Here we go with another wonderful lady named Elita Loresca whose experience in this particular field of knowledge will totally blow your mind. Indeed, Elita is a lucky woman whose bright mind and nice looks have brought her exactly where she stands today. Elita has also been the noon weather anchor as well as a reputable editor for KGET-TV. This wonderful weather lady has also been accountable for the assembly of scripts and teleprompter operations as she has contributed to providing many significant reports covering some of the most dreadful and devastating hurricanes as well. Indeed, it definitely seems like Elita doesn’t rely on her feminine looks to climb the ladder of success, right?


Does Christina’s name ring a bell to you? No? Then hurry up, turn the TV on and watch her great professional show. Surely, she performs her job duties in the best possible way, but her gorgeous looks are just a step ahead of the game. What’s more, it seems like nobody has an idea whether there’s a possibility of a rain, given her sex appeal on the TV screen. Ultimately, Christina Loren may be a real professional when it comes to her weather forecasts, but it’s not our fault that we see nothing expect the sexy dresses she usually wears. Nice move, Loren!


Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jackie Guerrido didn’t have the most wonderful childhood for certain. According to Jackie, her mother was often mistreated by her father as it made them escape from their home and search for happiness somewhere else. Gladly, she found shelter at the Casa Protegida Julia de Burgos at the age of 7. Luckily, our beautiful weather girl made it after she received an offer to start as a meteorologist for the Al Amanacer de Noticias 23. Thankfully, Jackie did manage to go to university which helped her land a decent job as a hot weather girl for the Morning News at Channel 23. Well done, Jackie! You’re simply amazing given the hardships in your personal life!


Meet another extremely hot beauty named Maria Quiban. Not only is she a super hot female weather reporter, but she’s also a successful woman who can brag about a few films and shows as well. Another quite curious fact about Maria is that she loves spending her free time with other single moms as she’s also focused on how to help women grow as successful as possible in their personal and professional lives. Maria has a couple of movies and TV shows under her belt in which she plays a weather reporter as well. Well, Maria definitely knows how to make a good impression on everyone, right?


Honestly, there’s barely a person who would deny Maria’s gorgeous personality. And certainly, she’s not your average weather girl who can offer only glamorous looks. Maria is nothing like this. As beautiful and stunning as she truly is, Maria Molino has totally fought her way up to the very top. Nowadays, Maria Molino is known as a genuine professional who is easily recognized as a reputable FOX Meteorologist. In her own words: “I tell people what the weather will be across the country and it’s very impressive and really cool, and then they proceed to ask me what the weather will be like that day.” Maria Molina has certainly earned her spot as a weather reporter as she’s definitely relied on her intellect!



Do you have an idea who this gorgeous lady is? No? Really?! If that’s the case with you, let us present you with the lovely personality of this Mexican beauty! Honestly, it’s hard to look away when you have such an eye candy weather girl on the TV screen. And why does it feel like she’s talking to you and nobody else?! Yes, LIuvia Carrillo is a sexy type of a woman who can really have in you in a state of daydreaming. As for her, she just does her job in the most professional way. What about you anyway? Are you still daydreaming about Carrillo’s feminine personality?


Unfortunately, we’ve reached the end of our hot roundup of sexy weather girls who will genuinely add a touch of freshness to your day. But if you think about it, what a better way to wrap up this curious list than with the wonderful and smoking hot Mayte Carranco?! Not only does she have a toned body, but her name is also such a unique feature! This Mexican beauty is surely the reason why so many folks prefer to watch the Mexican weather forecast although they can barely understand a word! It may sound funny but it’s actually pretty obvious why they do it. But in truth, it’s not their fault that Mayte’s sex appeal makes it so hard to look away from!

19 Hottest Women Sports Reporters In The World

There are numerous sports being played in the world and receive huge attention around the globe. Today, we are going to take a look at the list of 19 Hottest Women Sports Reporters In The World. They attract everyone through their beauty, which they claim were the results of using kegel also used by playboy models.

Note: List is random, not in sequence!

Josina Anderson

One of the most prominent presenters on ESPN. Josina Anderson began her journalism career with the first show he hosted “Inside The NFL” and then she was hired as a member of presenting team for ESPN NFL Show. She really is a hot woman journalist we have here.

Niki Noto Palmer

Before turning herself up for journalism, she was keen to play sports but she never made it to the top. Talking about his career, she leveled up when she became a reporter/presenter and worked for many Sports News Channels including ESPN, FOX Sports etc. No doubt, she is quiet an eye-catchy hot female sports reporter/presenter we have here in the list.

Kristine Leahy

At first, she started off by covering Boston University’s Campus Sports and then began to host NBC’s American Ninja Warrior TV show. Currently she is the part of FoxSports network and hosts their TV show. Kristine Leahy is one of the attractive and hottest women reporters in our list.

Kristina Fitzpatrick

She was a freelance reporter at first, but soon she turned herself up for a better career position. Currently she works for FoxSports and even host a TV show on FoxSports. She is a really hot female sports reporter.

Georgie Thompson

An absolutely prominent reporter of SkySports UK who has appeared in numerous shows about football. She have also made an appearance on FHM Magazine (British). Georgie Thompson really has an attractive hot personality.

Alex Curry


Began to work as a freelance reporter for NBC and Fuel TV. But she took the career up and currently she is a host for FoxSports and also works as a reporter for LA Kings(Ice Hockey) and LA Angels(Baseball). One of the hottest women sports reporters.

Jenn Brown

Jenn Brown has won Emmy Awards twice for her outstanding work in ESPN network. Surely, that makes her one of the most prominent reporters/presenters of ESPN. She also have worked for ShowTime and also she have appeared in a studio show “Inside The NFL”. Quiet experienced and one of the hottest women sports reporters.

Natalie Sawyer

Began her career as a Radio presenter at first and currently she works as a Live News presenter on Sky Sports News Channel. Previously, she was involved in writing text on the news ticker.

Sara Carbonero

Sara Cabonero is a hot Spanish sports reporter who has appeared on-field in many football matches. She is been trending since 2010, when her husband Iker Casillas (Spanish Football Team Captain) kissed her live on TV after winning the World Cup.

Olivia Wayne

She have completed her studies from University of California and also worked as an intern in Warner Bros Records. When she returned back to England, she began to work as a presenter in Sky Sports network.

Kristen Ledlow

She first began as a freelance sports reporter for ESPN and NBC. Later, she enhanced her career at full-time job level and worked as a Field Reporter for Fox Sports. Currently, she works as a full-time reporter for NBA TV. Surely, she is one of the hottest women sports reporters and that’s why she is in the list. 😉

Kate Abdo

Multi-talented with major experience at news reporting and presenting particularly in sports category. She is been a host in numerous FIFA Ballon d’OR ceremonies. Even she was trending on Twitter in 2014 as she hosted the FIFA Ballon d’OR ceremony. She currently is working for Sky Sports UK.

Charrisa Thompson

A well-known and super hot sports reporter in US who has a great experience of sports journalism. Charrisa Thompson has worked for multiple news networks like Fox, ESPN etc. She began her career as a NFL reporter at Fox Sports and later she moved on to host a show at Fox Sports. Charrisa moved on to ESPN where she co-hosted multiple shows. Currently she works for Fox Sports and host ‘Fox Sports Live’ which is being telecasting regularly for 1 hour.

Kristy Gallacher

She mainly works for Sky Sports since 1998. Besides, she has also worked for many other news networks in UK. In 2011, she returned back to Sky Sports and presented Live News for 3-4 days approximately per week. Widely known as one of the hottest women sports reporters in the world.

Katherine Webb

Katherine Webb is one of the hottest sports reporters as she was also called beautiful and gorgeous by ESPN’s Brent Musburger. She is not a full-time reporter, but she has covered the Inside Edition.

Jimena Sanchez

Jimena Sanchez works for Fox Sports Mexico and honestly she is one of the incredibly hottest reporters in sports. When she appears live on TV, you’re not gonna take your eyes off her. Truly! One of the extremely hottest women sports reporters of all time.

Britt McHenry

Britt McHenry began her journalism career with ABC7 Washington, but later on, she got jumped up higher and began to work for ESPN. She even writes for ESPN. Her appearance is what makes her one of the hottest female reporters in the world.

Hayley McQueen

Hayley McQueen has a great posture and her appearance is what makes her much known as one of the hottest female reporters. She has got a degree in Journalism and have also worked for various news networks. She has also been a official TV presenter for Manchester United and have appeared in numerous other TV shows regarding sports.

Marisol Gonzalez

Minding up! We have Marisol Gonzalez finally as one of the hottest female Sports reporter in our list. She is a Mexican-based reporter who has worked for Mexican News Networks like Televisa Deportes. She has also covered Super Bowl for multiple times.

That’s it! All of these are the hottest women sports reporters and surely, they attractiveness won’t allow you to move your eyes off them. Hot stuff! Haha! Well, it’s really difficult to pick out the topper of the list. All of these are the hottest ladies!

Top 10 Most Popular and Hottest Journalist in the World

Journalism as a profession has changed over the years. Now it’s not just about reading the news during the news hour, but more about how well you present it, the quality of the news piece, opinion the journalist has and the questions they choose to ask during an interview.

The industry is filled with extremely talented and also good looking and smart people. The profession is not considered dull anymore and such hot and popular journalist like in our list has definitely up the glamour quotient with their amazingly good looks and with the work they do.

Here is a list of top ten most popular and hot journalist in the world:

On no#10

We have a Canadian journalist, Susan Li. She was born on 1st May, 1985 in China. Presently she is working with an American TV Channel CNBC.

Brought up in Toronto, Susan’s mentor has been her single mother, who worked hard and took care of the family alone after moving from China. Susan has a degree in Economics and speaks English fluently and can also speak Mandarin and Cantonese. She started her journalism career with Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, where she took up various roles like freelance reporter for television and radio both and associate producer. From 2003 to 2006, she joined China Central Television’s CCTV International, where she led the news world in the primetime and during that time she interviewed some famous people like president of Venezuela Hugo Chávez, professional player of basketball Yao Ming and LVMH’s Bernard Arnault. Later, she worked in Bloomberg Television from 2006 to 2014, CNBC Asia in 2014, CNBC Europe in 2015 and recently started working with CNBC in 2016 and since then; she has interviewed people like Robert de Niro, Jet Li and Matsuhisa.

9 Megyn Kelly


Megyn Marie Kelly is a journalist from America, who works as attorney of corporate defense and political commentator for Fox News. Presently, she hosts The Kelly File and used to host shows like America Live, America’s Newsroom and All American New Year earlier. She was also a part 100 most influential people’s list by Time in 2014.

Born on 18th November, 1970, New York, Megyn has a degree in political science and J.D. she started her career with Bickel & Brewer LLP as an associate and later joined Jones Day and worked there for 9years. She started her television career in the year 2003 with WJLA-TV as reporter for general assignment. She applied in Fox News in 2004 and was a part of legal division for Special Report with Brit Hume and had her show called Kelly’s Court. In 2010, she started hosting America Live, a 2 hour show, which replaced the old show, The Live Desk. Ever since, she has been a part of Fox Channel and sometimes got media attention for making some inappropriate comments. She is known face in the world of journalism and recently got a 1 hour long show in the primetime.

8 Robin Meade

Robin Michelle Meade was born on 21st April, 1969 in Ohio, United America. She presently works with HLN as a news anchor and hosts the show Morning Express with Robin Meade. She has also won Miss Ohio, which says a lot about her amazingly good looks.

She started her career of journalism with WMFD-TV in Ohio as a reporter. Then she worked in WCMH-TV and then in WJW-TV. She moved to NBC Chicago and got job of morning anchor and also as a co-anchor on weekend shows. She joined CNN Headlines News, now called HLN. She anchored the show Operating Enduring Freedom and Operating Iraqi Freedom in the year 2003. She has also written a book called Morning Sunshine! How to Radiate Confidence and Feel It Too. The book was published on 10th September, 2009. It was on no#12 on the New York Times Best Seller list. Robin has won several awards like Emmy Award, was a part of top 20 most popular television news personalities and Young Alumnus Award of Ashland University.

7 Julie Banderas

The next on the list is an anchor and news correspondent of Fox News Channel from America. Julie Banderas was born on 25th September, 1973 in Connecticut. She presently is anchors America’s News Headquarters, which is telecasted in Saturday and Fox Report weekend.

She started her career with WLVI-TV in Massachusetts. She joined Fox News in 2005 as reporter of general assignment. She gained attention in the international media for her clash with Shirley Phelps-Roper. In 2008, Julie replaced Laurie Dhue in the show Fox Report Weekend as the anchor. As a youngster, she got a bachelor’s degree from the Emerson College.

6 Alex Wagner

Alexandra Swe “Alex” Wagner is a commentator for liberal politics and journalist from America. She is currently working as a senior editor in The Atlantics.

Born on 4th December, 1977 in Washington, she graduated in literature and history from the Brown University. She started with Centre for American Progress as cultural correspondent and as editor-in-chief for Fader Magazine from 2003-2007. In MSNBC, she appeared as an analyst on the show The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell and Countdown with Keith Olbermann. In 2014, she became anchor for Now with Alex Wagner. In 2016, she left MSNBC and joined The Atlantic and will appear in events like AtlanticLIVE and The Atlantic Studios with its TV and video projects.

5 Gigi Stone

Next on the list have a very beautiful and talented TV anchor and correspondent, Gigi Stone from America. She was a part of “The 10 Hottest TV News Anchor” on complex.com, MTV’s Guycode and rantlifestyle.com. She is also a TV consultant and media trainer through Stonewoods media, her company. She is also a part of the director’s board of “The Opportunity Network”, which help high achieving and low income students to join good colleges.

She started her career with WWAY-TV-3, where she was trained as volunteer firefighter and fight a blaze during the show. In ABC News, she reported shows like Good Morning America, World News Tonight and Nightline. She has reported and anchored live shows and breaking news like Bin Laden’s death, Hurricane Katrina and Presidential election. She worked as host, anchor, correspondent and producer for ABC News, CBS News, Bloomberg TV and ABC News.

4 Jenna Lee

Jennifer Anne “Jenna” Lee is anchor and journalist from America on Fox News Channel. She was born in the year 1979/1980 in San Francisco and has a degree in B.A English and master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University.

She started working in Marina Times after her BA degree as a freelancer from 2002-2004 and later did freelancing for Forbes.com as well. In 2007, she was hired by Fox News CEO and Chairman, Roger Ailes and anchored Fox Business Morning with Nicole Petallides, for Fox Business Network, which started on 15th October, 2007. She was a part of October 2009, Cosmopolitan edition, with photos of her wardrobe and the strategy for it.

3 Brooke Baldwin

Lauren Brooke Baldwin is a News anchor from America. Born on 12th July, 1979 in Georgia, she has a degree in Spanish and journalism from University of North California in 2001.

She started WVIR-TV, Virginia and then WOWK-TV in Huntington and later worked with WTTG as lead reporter in Washington. She joined CNN, now HLN in 2008 and contributed to Rick’s List, which was hosted by Rick Sanchez and later filled in his place after he was fired. At present, she anchors the CNN Newsroom show with time slot of 2pm-4pm ET.

2 Tamron Hall

Watch Running Wild with Bear Grylls “Tamron Hall Interview” Interview – NBC.com
On no#2 we have a news anchor from America who works for NBC News and extremely attractive. Tamron was born on 16th September, 1970 in Texas and has a degree of BA in Broadcast Journalism from the Temple University.

She started her career in journalism with KTVT and then joined WFLD-TV, Chicago and worked there from 1997 to 2007. She had an interview with Mr. Barak Obama just before his presidency run in 2008. She joined MSNBC in 2007 as fill in-anchor and general reporter and was a substitute on the show Countdown with Keith Olbermann for Keith Olbermann. Since then she has been associated with MSNBC and hosts the show Live with Tamron Hall.

1 Courtney Friel


To top the list we have the youngest and hottest on the list, Courtney Friel. She is a reporter/anchor by profession and presently associated with KTLA-TV in California.

She was born on 22nd April, 1980 in Pennsylvania, America and has a degree in political science from the University of San Diego. She started as entertainment reporter and sports anchor for GoTv. In 2007, she associated with Fox News and appeared in FHM and Maxim. In 2011, in the show Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld, she stated that she’ll be moving to Fox News in Los Angeles.

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  • It has become your complicated job, s you have to perform every action. However, it would be quite difficult to maintain the relationship with partner.

  • 18 years old to Join the porn industry

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